Graphene and 2D Materials for Wearable Electronic Devices and Biosensors
연세대학교 전기전자공학부

Rapid advances in synthesis of graphene and 2D materials, and fabrication methods for functional devices enable sophisticated types of functionality and their application to various emerging electronics, such as flexible, wearable and optoelectronic applications, that cannot be addressed with conventional materials. In this talk, I present that two-dimensional semiconductor/semi-metal materials can play critical roles in this context, through demonstrations of complex, mechanically assembled electronic and optoelectronic devices for flexible and wearable applications. Specifically, the mechanics of graphene and MoS2canyieldvariousdevicesindistinct,engineeredwearablegeometriesthat cannot be easily reproduced with conventional materials and/or conventional device layouts. Examples of devices include touch, tactile sensors, wearable OLED display, and brain signal sensing devices.