Development Trend and Technological Evolution of MLCC
삼성전기 컴포넌트솔루션사업부

The production of MLCC is state-of-the-art in ceramic processing: diverse processes, including preparation, dispersion, sintering and heat treatment of nano-sized dielectric/additive materials, must be conducted in a precisely controlled manner in order to achieve demanding characteristics. Recent progresses in MLCC technology, including core-shell-structured ceramic, non-agglomerative base metal electrode (Ni) and oxygen vacancy control in ceramics, requires an extreme level of parameter controllability in temperature, composition and atmosphere. Despite of rapidly increasing difficulties, the market demands higher capacitance, smaller size and extended durability in severe operating environment. Realization of higher capacitance and smaller size both requires reduction of layer thickness of dielectric and internal electrode, owing the risk of reliability degradation at the same time. Yet, layer thickness reduction, a crucial aspect in implementation of higher capacitance in the unit volume, has been limited by current technological level. Here, this work introduces the development trend of MLCC with higher capacitance and smaller size, especially thinner dielectric and internal electrodes formation and high reliability.